Department of Anatomy

The Department of Anatomy, KIMS is situated at  Banashankari 2nd stage, Bangalore, in  the First floor of the college building. The Department has nine teaching staff members, twelve postgraduate students and about fifteen non teaching staff. It has a spacious Dissection hall with the capacity to accommodate 250 students and a Histology laboratory with required number of Microscopes and a capacity to accomodate 100 students. There is a well equipped Post Graduate histology lab to carry out the staining procedures and to prepare the slides for teaching as well as research purposes. The Department   has an excellent museum where the dissected specimens, embryology models, osteology   embryology and comparative anatomy specimens and also anthropometry instruments are displayed. There is a Department Library with all the required latest edition Anatomy books as well as reference books   related to the subject. Various state, national and international journals are also available. There are demonstration class rooms for teaching small batches. A good spacious gallery class room is available for conducting theory classes with  facilities  of various teaching methods like  black board, OHP  and LCD projectors.

Department of Anatomy Facilities

  • Adequate, well qualified, experienced teaching staff.
  • Dissection hall- 130x30 feet with 20 dissection tables, with mortuary.
  • Museum -100x30 feet.  with, wet & dry specimens, models and charts.
  • Histology laboratory for both undergraduate and Post graduate, requirements, available independently. Histology lab size: 80x30 feet. Preparation room with facilities for photography is also available.
  • Lecture classes, Demonstration room, Seminar room, departmental Library available

Department of Anatomy Faculty

  Dr Lalitha C, MSc (Medical) PhD (Medical). Professor  and Head       E mail id -
.   Dr Shubha R, MBBS, MS. Professor     E mail id -  
    Dr Roshni Bajpe, MBBS,MS. Professor     Email id -
    Dr Jeyanthi K, MBBS, MD. Associate Professor           E mail id -    
    Dr Suman U, MBBS, MD. Assistant Professor     E mail id -
    Dr Pushpa Gowda, MBBS, MD.  Assistant Professor     E mail id -
    Dr Mouna Subbaramaiah, MBBS, MD. Assistant Professor     E mail id -
    Dr Archana R, MBBS, MD. Assistant Professor     E mail id -
  Dr C Nagaraj,Tutor      

There is an active body donation programme going on in the department for the past 10 years and about 150 registrations and 60 donationns have taken place till now.

The department  is involved in Under Graduate and Post Graduate Teaching in both Medical and Paramedical Courses.

  • Theory  classes conducted for first year MBBS students
  • Dissection  classes conducted daily for first year MBBS students
  • Histology practical classes conducted four days in a week for first year MBBS students
  • Theory, Histology  practicals ,Dissection classes conducted twice a week for First year Dental students
  • Paramedical teaching both theory and practical classes conducted for First year  Physiotherapy  and  Nursing students
  • Postgraduate teaching programme conducted for Dental,  and Orthopaedic students once a week
  • Postgraduate teaching for the students of MD Anatomy like Prosections , Histology Slide Discussion, Seminars and Journal clubs are conducted regularly
  • Internal  Assesments  are conducted as per RGUHS schedule
  • Anatomy classes for Mobility India students are conducted twice a week
  • Postgraduate dissertation work is being carried out in the Department
  • Various Research projects are being conducted by the teaching staff
  • Publications in various Research fields by all the teaching staff  and postgraduate students are carried out effectively
  • Active participation of postgraduate students and teaching staff in various conferences both at National and International levels by presenting papers.
  • Has conducted a National level   Anatomy  quiz for  MBBS students in a National Conference at KIMS COLLEGE – KARMIC 2014 in the month of April 2014.
  • Has conducted a National CME Programme on Museum Techniques  and  Embalming in the year 2010 December
  • Teaching Staff also involved in conducting Medical education programmes.(MEU)

Department of Anatomy Publications

Total  number  of  publications -   36 (all indexed)

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